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XM Logistics was formed with the Re-deployable Satellite Communications System as an intricate part of the business. With Murray experiencing remote communications during his early days using HF radio, communicating with the help of the RFDS, the large brief case satellite phone, to the hand-held satellite phone and VSAT systems of last year.

Mineral exploration programs are often campaign based, running from one week to months at a remote site. Keeping in touch with business, family and friends is essential to a successful operation.

Welcome Starlink – A GAME CHANGER is the phrase being used for the remote business needs and it represents a big shift from the old, time consuming bulky VSAT systems.


XM Communications (in partnership with Nexion Networks) now provided two types of Starlink kit variations.

  1. Rugged Redeployable kit

  2. On the Move Travel kit  

Both kits have no handheld phones included as most smartphones can use wifi calling. XM can provide a VOIP phone if requires for a small daily fee.


Starlink – everyone’s heard about it or using it, the low orbit systems provide high speeds with low latency broadband internet covering every inch or remote Australia. Yes, it’s a game changer for remote communities and remote working. Both kits are quick and easy to set up, you should have internet within the prescribed 15 minutes. No pointing required it does this itself.


Rugged Redeployable is ideal for remote work where no mains power is available. The unit includes a UPS for connecting to generator power. The stand is screwed to the roadcase giving it greater visibility. The cord is protected by hi-vis spiral hydraulic wrap the prevent damage. Small enough to fit in back of a 4WD or on the back of a ute. Only 28Kgs so is under the standard aircraft check in weigh if needed. 


On the Move Travel kit is ideal for more flexibility and a temporary set up for quick communications on the go. An inverter is included so you can connect it to a battery power source, set up on or near your vehicle go through the instructions provided and be online. Internet anywhere, for any need and time. This road case is small light and easy to move around with. You can check it in at your departure airport, collect it with your baggage, pick up your vehicle and use it for the duration of your remote field work.

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Everything required to get an internet service up and running, where ever you are operating is covered in the kit. Then, just log on to WIFI with your device.

XM’s Re-deployable Satellite System is available to hire for any length of time, or purchase. Contact Us for more info.

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