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XM Logistics provides exploration field services, covering - logistics, planning, personnel, execution and management for most exploration activities.

We aim to provide explorers, independent geologists, prospectors and field operators with a highly skilled field partner; teams fully equipped for your custom field program. Designed to provide you with a partner in the field - we execute your program, on your design, using our guys and our equipment!

By alleviating the need to organise, plan and manage remote field crews, you are free to remain focused on the more technical and central areas of your business, whilst leaving the day to day running of a field program to us.

XM has the capability to support and provide field crews, equipment and procedures for all aspects of exploration from reconnaissance through to advanced exploration and rehab. We have the vehicles, camping facilities, communications and consumables to get your heritage survey, sampling, drilling program or rehabilitation completed.


Equipment Capabilities

Field kits, customised for specific projects: Drilling kits, Soil / lag/ bleg kits, DGPS survey, Gridding kits.

4 wheel drive motor bikes/buggies.

4×4 Vehicles (cruisers and trucks +/- Crane) – equipped for remote exploration conditions.

Remote satellite communications - XM Communications

Fly camping, explotaion stage camps, consisting of basic camping gear to commercial bush caravans.

Sample consumables can be sourced and supplied.

Warehouse facilities at competitive rates to store equipment, samples, vehicles on a short term basis during or for in-between projects.

Equipment, samples or personnel can be successfully mobilised to and from any project site.

Service Capabilities

XM has experience in planning and managing a range of exploration activities and programs

Heritage Survey support

Access clearing, pegging and reconnaissance

Geochemical sampling & Auger sampling 


Camp management – on site and support from head office

Through our wide range of industry partners and strategic alliances, no matter what your field requirements, XM can ensure that your field program needs are met and get off the ground!

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